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What is autism?

Autism is a lifelong medical condition that mostly affects how a person relates to the environment and how they interact with people. Individuals with this condition experience several difficulties in their daily lives. Some people living with autism can live relatively normal lives, but others will have learning challenges and will require specialist support for the rest of their lives. Autistic people might have problems in social communication, restricted or even repetitive behaviors and social interaction.

According to recent research, one in 100 individuals suffers from autism. The condition is also common in boys than girls.

Autism awareness

In the recent times, awareness and the understanding of the condition has improved significantly. However, there is still a long way to go. In 2014, a research conducted showed that many people were asking what autism is in Google.

It is common to hear friends and relatives living with autism complain about the judgmental attitude and misunderstanding they get from the society. This is coming from the misinformed stereotypes in the society. Some people believe that the condition is only found in children, while other believe that individuals living with the condition are geniuses. Just like all the other stereotypes, these are fallacies. Individuals and families affected by autism are deeply upset by them. They misinform people about autism, and the autistic individuals find it tough to get their needs recognized in the society.

It ‘s hard to create awareness about autism because it affects people differently, and it is also a hidden disability, which cannot be recognized easily. However, we must address the issue because it affects everyone in the society.

Health crisis

At the moment, autism rate has become a public health crisis. Many people are living with the condition, and the number is expected to increase. These should catch the attention of everyone. If you do not have a child suffering from the condition, it does not mean that you are insulated from autism. It is a fact that everyone is affected by this condition which has no cure.

Why it’s important to spread autism awareness? 

Autism has a profound effect on individuals and families. Understanding and supporting individuals can make a lot of difference in the society. Here are some reasons why autism awareness is important:

1. Continuum services are required

Most of the autism therapy programs available today are geared to helping young children. This leaves the parents of older children with very limited options. It is vital for all nations to get continuum services for people of all ages. This will also involve getting these individuals in the working force.

2. Parents with autistic children should not choose between therapy and school

Kids with autism can receive their treatment through clinical setting or school. However, there is no proper bridging between these services. Sometimes, children miss important therapies because they are in school. Creating awareness about this condition will ensure that these kids do not miss their therapies or school.

3. Get an early diagnosis.

When the community is aware of autism, it will be easier to diagnose the problem at an early stage. When the condition is diagnosed early, the intervention is expected to be more efficient. The parents of the children will also be able to start the therapy in time. The insurance policy takes time, and getting treatment started can be quite a lengthy process. Delaying diagnosis will mean that the treatment will also be delayed.

4. Most families are not aware of the options they have

If more people are aware of autism, the local resources will also increase, making it easier for families to get the support they need and therapy. However, most parents are not aware of the facilities available. When the whole community is aware of autism, parents will be able to identify the resources they have in their locality.

5. More autism events are required

Some businesses host events or movies for autistic individuals. However, these are not enough. More is still needed. Hosting community autism friendly events is critical. These group of people needs to feel what the other individuals feel. They should be allowed to go for activities with people who are similar to them.

6. Kids will be encouraged to be more understanding.

In a society where there is no autism awareness, children living with autism will be bullied and looked down upon. It is paramount for all children; regardless of their grade level should be taught how to be kind and loving to autistic children.

7. Make the community more accepting

If we want the community to be more welcoming to children living autism, we must create autism awareness. Most of the time, these kids will have some difficult behaviors. Some parents are forced to carry cards that indicate that their children are autistic to get rid of the judgmental stares they get from the public. Feeling accepted is vital for families and individuals affected by autism.

What can you do to help?

It is important for everyone in the society to raise awareness about autism. You can raise autism awareness by doing the following:

Participate in autism fundraising.

You can do this by taking part in simple walks or runs so that you can raise money. This way, you will be creating awareness about the condition. Whether you are in shape or not, it is important to participate in these activities. You can choose to bring your dog and all your children to make the activities enjoyable. You will never regret going to these awareness events.

Wear autism awareness jewelry or any other autism product.

Many people prefer the autism bracelets. These bracelets are very beautiful, and you can even choose to wear several. This jewelry can be purchased individually, or you can buy them on wholesale and use them to raise money for autism groups.

Create employment opportunities for individuals living with autism.

At the moment, only 15% of people living with autism are employed in full-time jobs. If you are an employer who is aware of autism, you can make some adjustments so that you can hire these individuals. This will be a good way to unlock the potential of the group, and you will discover that they can be very reliable employees.

We also need to challenge the misleading stereotypes about autism.

This will require a holistic approach because it is a large-scale change. These issues can be influenced at the national level, empowering and working with communities and organizations in the nation to make a difference in the lives of people living with autism.