Breast Cancer

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One of the leading causes of death amongst women is breast cancer. The lack of knowledge and proper treatment areas in the poor countries and neighborhoods is extremely disappointing, and millions of people are currently suffering just because there is a serious lack of knowledge.In Middle Eastern countries, as well as those countries which are located off in Africa, there is a serious lack of education and awareness amongst the people, which has begun to show on a worldwide basis.

Lots of women are dying due to breast diseases, and unless serious steps are taken in order to reduce that number, more and more people will die. As a worldwide community, it becomes our objective to help those people and spread awareness about this dangerous disease and how it affects our lives.

Breast cancer, like all forms of cancer, is a traitor. It strikes when you’re not watching. This is why October has become the designated month for Breast Cancer Awareness, a time to raise consciousness among women (and not just women but everyone in general) about the disease. This is the time when the pink ribbons start coming out, delicately pink, but steadfast in mission.

How To Diagnose Breast Cancer

The main goal is always to encourage women to get a mammogram and have themselves checked, something many women ignore. A mammogram is an X-ray that searches the breast for abnormal tissue growth. It is much more accurate than a self-administered breast exam because it can detect growths that are still in the very early stages and therefore too small to be felt with the hands. It’s sensitivity makes it a good choice for women who have family histories of breast cancer.

Once detected, breast cancer can be treated in a number of ways. The exact line of treatment depends on the life history of the patient, the stage and aggressiveness of the cancer, and the personal requests of the woman involved. A biopsy, once conducted, will confirm or refute the initial diagnosis; if confirmed, it will also provide information about how to proceed through treatment.The alibis go from There’s always something more important to do, or That trip to the doctor can always wait, until it’s too late. What many people miss is that early detection is very important because time is always a factor in cancer.

The chances of survival are greater when the disease is diagnosed properly and treatment is administered as soon as possible. And all it takes is a simple non-invasive mammogram. A mammogram can be costly, but nowadays every health insurance company in the U.S. has been required by law to provide coverage for this procedure for their clients. Women with Medicare can avail of the procedure at a low-cost too, and some clinics offer absolutely free screening so there’s still no reason why women shouldn’t be able to find time to have themselves examined.

Breast Cancer Foundations

The National Breast Cancer Foundation works very hard in order to provide information and awareness to people in poverty ridden areas, and for cancer awareness, sets up and sponsors a whole host of different programs. Cancer awareness is very important because the number of women who are suffering and dying from cancer is very high, and without appropriate knowledge, this figure will keep on rising. Various associations and organizations have begun to provide help to the people as well, by making sure that appropriate knowledge is provided and by setting up free treatment camps.

What Can You Do To Help?

As a responsible human being, the least you can do to spread awareness is to get this cancer awareness apparel printed out and hand it to people you know. If there is an event that is being held, you can easily wear the apparel and tell your friends to wear it too, which will help them in providing support to this noble cause. The pink ribbon symbol is getting ever popular as more and more people are realizing what it stands for, and it now holds international repute as it is used almost everywhere. In huge football finals to tournaments as well as some of the largest concerts that are ever held, the pink ribbon symbol is used to provide treatment to suffering women.

If you do not have the necessary funds to get the appropriate cancer awareness apparel printed out, there are several options that you can try out. One of them is to get yourself a sponsor. Initiating a cancer awareness program is by no means an easy task, and a significant amount of money is required to be invested before you will be able to get the word across to the people. In that regard, companies can help significantly by providing the necessary funding required to get the apparel printed. You can get t shirts, hats and caps printed in order to spread awareness, and by selling it off to the people at cheap rates, you can also get a significant amount of donation to provide to those who are unable to afford treatment for themselves.

A lot of members of different communities are now joining hands in order to provide awareness and responsibility to the people in combating the effects of breast cancer, and this has begun to show on a global level as the overall figures of women dying from breast cancer have begun to decrease in total number, which shows that small steps such as breast cancer awareness apparel are actually worth it.

While it is a terrible affliction, there is hope for those who suffer from breast cancer. Diligent application of the detection methods, and a healthy lifestyle, can reduce the chance of fatality. If you know someone with a family history, encourage them to educate themselves on prevention.