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Importance of Going Green

Going green is a term that has become pretty popular in the last few years. This is because everyone can see that the earth’s condition has deteriorated over the years. Spilling oil in water and land, cutting down trees and dumping waste anywhere has finally taken their toll. The effects are global warming, acid rains, extreme heat and dirty water. It is alarming that future generations will not experience the beautiful sceneries we do today. The water bodies are receding by the day while the air we breathe is becoming dangerously poisonous for us and the animals. Natural habitat has been threatened especially for animals that live in water and soon most creatures will be extinct if the trend is not reversed.

Different ways to Go Green

Going green is a worldwide movement that aims at making better choices to preserve our environment. It starts at home when people recycle and stop dumping waste anywhere. Going green also means using environmental friendly resources like gas instead of charcoal or wood and using electric cars instead of normal petrol and diesel engines. Saving water and electricity is also part of going green.Going green also involves the products we use. Products like shampoos, detergents and soaps eventually end up in drains and water systems. It’s important to use products that won’t cause harm to aquatic animals or water in general. People can also buy food from the local market or have small gardens at home. Industrial farming and transport is harmful to the environment.

Importance of Going Green

The reason why it is important to go green is because we want future generations to enjoy nature in its purest form as we do today. Besides making the earth a better place to live in, here are a few more reasons for going green:

Improve Our Health

By eating seasonal organic food from the local market, we get fresh tastier foods. Fresh greens and fruits have the highest levels of nutrients needed to improve our health. Organic milk is also much healthier than processed milk because it has high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. It’s also much healthier to eat vegetables and fruits instead of meat and junk food daily. This will enhance longevity and make for a much healthier population .

Get Fresh Air

Buying local foods means no transport from the source to grocery stores. Gas emissions from vehicles and industrial processing pollute the air. Using electric cars and avoiding using regular cars too often also helps to maintain fresh air.

Support The Local Economy

It is important that people support the local farmers by buying their produce. This will result in a good economy and employment opportunities for local young people. If farmers are getting enough income from their produce, they will have no reason to travel looking for other jobs.

Save Money

Everything about going green contributes to saving money. Using less power, less water and recycling plastic containers and bags saves a lot of money. People can also use bicycles for transport and use solar instead of paid electricity. Local produce is also cheaper than imported products while tap water is better and cheaper than bottled water. It’s also more economical to buy second hand stuff or reduce purchases altogether.

Less Global Warming

By reducing the amount of gas emissions on our environment we can reduce the rate of global warming. People should walk more and use bikes instead of fuel engine vehicles. Using trains instead of airplanes is also a great way to reduce global warming. However, the best way to ensure the earth’s temperature remains bearable is to plant more trees and stop cutting the ones we have.

Save Wildlife and Aquatic Animals

Cutting down trees threatens the natural habitat of wild animals. It’s also important to use organic products that end up in water so the chemicals won’t kill aquatic animals like fish. Exotic animals like whales, dolphins, polar bears, marine turtles and pandas are becoming rare and rare by the day .Having good disposal strategies of waste and recycling helps to maintain clean water because eventually all waste on land ends up in water systems.

Save Time

Being stuck in traffic every working day is fairly common everywhere in the world. This time could be spent working or relaxing at home. Walking to work, carpooling or using bikes instead of cars are some of the green ways to reduce traffic on roads and save time. Consuming local produce will also save time that would have been spent going to the grocery stores and waiting in queues.

Reduce Soil Erosion

Erosion has been caused by overdevelopment, agriculture and industrial growth. This has led to earthquakes, poor soil content and other disasters such as tornados. Soil erosion can be avoided by planting more trees to hold down the soil . Reducing housing development is also another way to go. Using alternative materials to build house instead of stones and sand will also help because quarries contribute to this catastrophe.

Preserve Natural Resources

We are running out of wood, clean water, oil and minerals every day. This means future generations will not find any of these important resources around . If this continues there will only be dirty water, mucky mountains and horrible snow. Rain forests are also threatened and soon rain will be a rare thing. The only way to ensure they don’t become extinct is to preserve their environment and encourage sustainability.

Enhance our Happiness

Knowing you contribute daily to the well-being of our environment can be very fulfilling. The fact that you help your children and grandchildren experience this beauty in future is awesome. It’s also an amazing feeling to go around breathing fresh air, seeing clean water and experiencing nature.

Going green is a great contribution to the environment. It should start from childhood and improve as one gets older. Simple things like buying organic apparel from www.loveapparelplus.com can make a big difference. On top of living green lifestyles,we should also support the green movement by helping raise money for greener campaigns all over the world. This will create awareness and teach more people about going green.