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Marriage equality is the legal recognition of same-sex unions. This is an issue that affects many people in the modern society. There has been some progress in the recent times, but homosexuals still face inequality. Many groups are still opposed to the idea of legalizing gay marriages. All people should have the right to realize their hopes and dreams, be able to celebrate their love as the other members of the society and have the same basic fundamental rights. Supporting gay marriage is paramount for the modern society. Here are some reasons why everyone should support marriage equality:

Promotes equality in the society

LGTB people play an important role culturally, politically, financially, socially, vocationally and spiritually in the society. These people contribute to the growth of the places they stay. If their contributions are withdrawn, many nations will suffer. Legalization of gay marriages affirms the value of LGBT individuals as valued citizens who deserve equal rights. When equality and non-discrimination is promoted in the society, minority groups who have been suffering from discrimination and stigmatization feel appreciated, and intergroup prejudice is reduced.

Decreases divorce rates

In the modern society, many couples are getting divorced. In America, over 50% couples are divorced. If the LGTB people are allowed to marry, there will be increased marriage rates. This is because fewer couples will divorce due to infertility and incompatibility.

It helps separate the state and the church

Most countries in the world have not legalized same-sex marriages because the religious people believe that gays are sinners. In the modern times, these religious perspectives should not have a place. The current society is secular, so secular views should be maintained. The Ten Commandments in the Bible should not be allowed to define any nation’s legal system. If the gay marriages are legalized, there will have no negative impact on religion. This means that religion too should not have an impact on same-sex marriages.

It promotes family stability and LGBT families

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. It is crucial for all nations to support the development of children, regardless of their origin. In the institution of marriage, the wellbeing of children is fostered by giving the couple several rights, protections, and benefits which strengthen family units and relationship bonds. In the modern society, there are millions of kids raised by same-sex partners who cannot get married legally. These children are disadvantaged because they do not enjoy the protection and support given to the rest of the traditional families formed by straight parents. The children are also made to believe that their parents are inferior in a way, and they are just second class citizens who have no equal rights. Legalizing same-sex marriages will help to address this problem.

Same-sex marriages are already a reality

In some states in America, thousands of gay couples are already legally married. In Manhattan, revenue of $9 million was recorded after the legalization of same-sex marriages. Millions of couples in America are also practicing monogamous, loving relationships. Although this lifestyle mimics marriage, these couples are not legally recognized and protected. These people are already in marriage while at their homes. Granting them marriage equality is giving them what they deserve.

Civil unions are not the same as marriage

In many states, gay couples are allowed to get into civil union partnerships legally. However, this is not the same as marriage. In marriage, straight couples are given many rights and protections. These rights are not given to the gay couples in the civil unions. This means that people should not say that same-sex marriages are not necessary because there are civil unions. In the civil unions, the social and medical rights given to straight couples are kept away.

Economic and business boost

States and countries that have legalized same-sex marriages have experienced significant growth in their economy that the rest who have not embraced the idea. The wedding and marriage industry has experienced a major growth. When same- sex couples are allowed to marry, they provide business and a new market for investors to access. When gay marriages were legalized in New York, over two hundred million was injected into the economy. Countries where gay marriages are allowed attract gay tourists than countries where it is illegal.

Reduce youth suicide

When a young person is discriminated or bullied at school because of their sexual orientation, most of them choose to commit suicide. When same-sex marriages are legalized, teens will know that homosexuals are accepted and respected in the society. These young people need to know that being sexually different is not a social disability. This way, they will never think about taking their lives because they are homosexual.

Medical and hospital visitation rights

It is difficult to believe that in a society where there are so many technological advancements, discrimination still exists. Many hospitals do not allow gay couples to get medical information concerning their medical condition when a blood relative is not present. When the gay marriages are legalized everywhere, homosexual couples will acquire hospital visitation rights, and they will also be able to make some important medical decision for their partners if need be.

Enhances real freedom of religion

The freedom of religion allows people practice the religion of their choice without the interference of the government. This law also protects people who do not follow religions by shielding them from being made to follow certain religious beliefs that they not like. Legalization of same-sex marriages will get rid of the religion notions that make homosexuals feel like sinners. Societies that honor the freedom of worship will not allow the hierarchy or religions. This means that the beliefs of a particular religious group should not be given an opportunity when shaping the marriage laws. The law of marriage should be fair to all people, regardless of their religion.

Promote the adoption of children

When adopting children, most adoption agencies will give the priority to straight couples who are married. Most of them will discriminate gay couples, making it hard for them to adopt children. Most of these gay couples are stable and loving, by they are mostly rejected. If all the states legalize same-sex marriages, the adoption agencies will be able to grant the same respect and rights to the gay couples. Same-sex marriages will enable thousands of foster children to get loving families.