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More Things Don’t Make You Happier

You Don’t Need More Things To Be Happy

There was a time where one nice coat, a handful of shirts and a couple of pants was considered the norm. Fast forward to today and people are encouraged to own dozens of shoes, clothing, jackets and pants. What’s worse is that most of the apparel today are made in unjust, irresponsible working conditions with very harmful chemicals.

Fashion companies today are focused on bombarding customers with a message that encourages the buying of more products to make them happy. All of this noise has gotten most of us to feel emptier and less happy.

I too, was part of this demographic. I worked hard to make more money so that in the end I can buy more useless things that never truly made me happy.

In my work life, I did pretty much everything from starting up multiple companies for profit gain to working at a high paying position as a VP of engineering at a local startup. But nothing I was doing truly made me happy.

Like the rest of us, I tried chasing after financial freedom. I thought to myself that making more money was the end all to all my problems. But I soon realized that money can give you some freedom but not happiness. And in the end, chasing after money and useless materials were all meaningless.

What I realized was that in the end I got really busy trying to pay off bills that I racked up trying to chase a life that the media and society told me would make me happy. I had gotten so caught up with chasing after what I thought would make me happy that I had lost sight of what was really happening around me.

In my journey, I came to the conclusion that “true happiness can be achieved the moment you realize that you as an individual can make a difference in other people’s lives.” What I really wanted was to be happy, to feel free and live life knowing that I was making a difference.

T- Shirts For Change

I started this apparel company in 2015 with the vision of living out my dream to help others and truly make a difference. I realized that something as simple as a t-shirt can bring change to the world. It doesn’t need to be some ground-breaking technology or scientific breakthrough. In the end I realized the “why” mattered more than the “what”. What you make or do is not as important as the why you do it.

With a vision of uniting all people and worthy causes, together, I wanted to create a company that can bring make real change happen. And I need your help.

I’m not going to use some kind of fear mongering techniques to sell our products. Sure, our products are safer and healthier than our competition due to the fact that we adhere to strict fair trade practices and only use 100% organic cotton for all our products.

But in general, the message I want to leave you is “don’t buy things you don’t really need”. Figure out where you can make a difference with your current talents, and unique individual personalities. Each of us are so connected to each other in more ways than we can imagine. You don’t need more money or more talent to help. What the world needs is just the real you. You are imperfectly perfect in every way. Don’t let society tell you other wise.

A Small Action For Big Change

Take look around LoveApparel+, if there is a t-shirt that catches your eye and you feel good about the cause, help bring change by making a purchase and bringing goodness to the world. LoveApparel+ has teamed up with great local causes around the world. All proceeds from apparel sales will go to supporting these worthy causes working hard to bring about change.

Together we can all work towards making a world where all people have enough, where all people are healthy and safe, and where our planet is preserved for many future generations to come a reality. Join me in the creating a sustainable, happier, and more loving world.

Andrew Rhee,
Founder of LoveApparel+


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