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Socially and Environmentally Responsible Apparel Company

By using an organic manufacturing process, our business can minimize the impact on the environment, and our workers  while improving the overall comfort and style of all our garments.

Here are some of the benefits of organic cotton:

  • Much softer than conventional cotton clothing
  • Causes little to no allergies, skin rashes, headaches and dizziness
  • Production does not involve use of harsh chemicals
  • Ensures better health for farmers, workers and yourself
  • Reduces pollution caused by use of pesticides in conventional cotton farming
  • Helps to improve quality of land, prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity.

100% Organic

All our fabric is made from 100% USDA Certified Organic and pesticide-free cotton. Our organic products are not bleached or treated with optical brighteners which minimizes the use of harsh chemicals when creating the apparel.

Low Impact Dyeing Standards

At LoveApparel+, all our fabric is dyed using a low impact dye process which meet the highest industry standards for organic garment manufacturing. This low-impact dyeing process eliminates chemical waste which in turn provides huge environmental and health benefits.

Global Organic Textile Standards Certified

Our apparel at LoveApparel+ is GOTS certified. This means that we strive to maintain the highest level of standards and legitimacy expected when working with our organic fiber and garments.

Cleaner Cotton Campaign

Here at LoveApparel+, we have joined the Cleaner Cotton Campaign movement led by the Sustainable Cotton Project.  This campaign was created to offer local farmers profitable strategies for reducing chemical use in cotton cultivation and avoids the use of genetically modified seeds.

As a company, our focus is in creating a more socially just and environmentally responsible apparel company. We see ourselves not just as an apparel company living in a silo, but as a company that’s linked to the whole world. Join us in the quest for a more sustainable, happier, and more loving world.

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