Our Top Mission...

is to help every individual live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Heart Over Profit

Our focus is to create real and authentic change. This is why we use our hearts rather than profit-minded thinking. We are committed and dedicated to making real positive change .

Awareness Around Issues

We are a generation focused on superficiality and materialism. We want to be the unique voice that creates real awareness surrounding pertinent issues that our society is facing today.

Deliver On Time

We strive at delivering premium quality apparel on time to our donors. We also ensure that we deliver year-around awareness and fund raising campaigns for our charity partners.

Premium Quality

Every apparel we produce is a result of a well-thought out and intricate design, made from only the highest quality organic materials and manufactured using environmentally safe techniques.

Goodness For Everyone

We believe that we can play a vital role in helping make the world a better place. We dream of a world where there is enough for every single person, despite their race, economic, or political affiliation.

Connect People

We believe real change can only be achieved as a joint venture among authentic people and dedicated charities who want authentic change. We want to help connect good causes to good people.

For over a year

We have helped fund many charities

LoveApparel+ is sadened by the ineffective state the charity industry is in today. Here is a brief overview of some of the challenges that charities are facing today:

  • 81% of charities lack a reliable source of funding hence struggle to make an impact and create awareness
  • 61% of charities find that 50% of their donations do not go through and immensely affects the operations of most charities
  • 10% of charities face the threat of closing down because of insufficient funding each year


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Lives We Saved

Starving Children
Mistreated Animals
Abused Humans
Cancer Patients

How we help charities

Increase Awareness

We are aware that many charities lack the expertise and resources needed to create websites and have a noticeable online presence. We therefore, use our own web channels and partnerships to help enhance the online visibility of such charities. Essentially, we help create online awareness for charities. To create awareness a charity has to build a brand that impresses and moves the hearts of potential donors enough to make them give a donation. 

Increase Branding

With many individuals skeptical today of the real change being done by non-profit charities. It’s become increasingly important for non-profits today to have a strong brand presence that individuals trust and connect with. We help bring credible brand authority through active online campaigns and fund raising.

Raise Funding

Many charities find it extremely difficult to get sustainable funding and reliable donors. LoveApparel+ attempts to resolve this problem by incentivizing donors to donate to charities. We do this by giving away our premium apparel in exchange for worthy donations.

Connect Charities with Influencers

Most charities collapse during the operation phase when they are unable to reach enough willing donors. We help charities reach even greter presence through manual outreach programs to partner with online influencers in the charities specific niches. This in turn helps charities gain more attention from potential donors.

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